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How do I create a bundle?

Go to the Apps section of your store, open BundleJET app, and click on the "Add Bundle" button on the top right corner.

Is there a limited number of items I can include in a bundle?

Yes, you can add up to 10 items (products/variants).

Can I include specific variants of a product into a bundle?


What kind of discount types can I apply to my bundles?

Percentage, fixed amount or you can set a new price.

Will the inventory stay in-sync when I use the BundleJET app?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I edit a bundle once it is created?

Yes, you can always go back and edit any details you need to.

How can I see how many bundle orders were placed?

Go to the "Apps" section of your store, open BundleJET app, and click on the "Dashboard" tab. You'll have the option to generate a Sales value or an Orders number report.

Are the chart data displayed in real time?

The sales and orders data are updated every 30 minutes.

Are order refunds possible?

Yes, you can operate any kind of refund. Total or partial.

Do I need to add any custom scripts into my theme?

Nope, everything is taken care of the app automatically.

What's the pricing plan of the app?

The app is free to install (no monthly charge) but per-order bundle charge applies:

  $0.5/bundle order [1 - 100 bundle orders]

  $0.4/bundle order [100 - 300 bundle orders]

  $0.3/bundle order [300+ bundle orders]